The Devon Xtreme are proud to announce the acquisition of forward Matthew Biros from the Portage Terriers!

Biros played a total of 43 games in the 2023-24 season for Portage, tallying 20 points along the way.

He spoke over the phone about his recent move to Devon saying, “I’m pretty excited, It’s a brand new league to me that I haven’t played in, a brand new team and brand new facilities. So overall I’m pretty excited to go there.”

Biros has had stints in Junior A leagues all over the country spending time in the BCHL, SJHL and MJHL prior to now arriving in the AJHL. When asked about what he sees out of the Alberta league compared to other he has played in he said, “When I watch Alberta teams play I see that it’s a lot more skilled league, it’s a faster league from what I have seen personally and I’m really excited to experience it.”

When asked about what he brings as a player on the ice for Devon Biros said, “I’m a pretty offensive guy, I like playing the O-Zone a lot, I have good vision, I can make the right play when it’s needed and I can put the puck in the back of the net.”

Taking the subject off the ice Biros mentioned how he likes to carry himself saying, “I try to be friendly with everybody, I like meeting new people and making new friends. So meeting new teammates is pretty exciting for me, and getting to meet all the new faces is just overall exciting.”

Biros closed out the conversation with a final note of what made Devon catch his interest so greatly saying, “The new team, new facilities and the league switching to Bauer got me pretty excited. Just made me want to go to the team even more.”

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